Thanks for stopping by: Blame it on Pinterest!   I started to create little Amigurumi  animals and such for my grand daughter Aria. 

There are alot of posts on Pinterest that can give you the basics on shapes and so many free patterns and tutorials to get you started.

It's addictive!!!
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Crocoaurus:  This is my own pattern, All I knew was that I had green yarn and what to make for a little boy with green yarn, hmmmm  something prehistoric?  That's obvious , but what?  I love the way he turned out, when he is a puppet you can distort his face into some really cute poses that are sure to get smiles, Can't help but make a goofy voice when you put him on.

Since there isn't anything lonelier than a puppet at the bottom of a toy box I created a body for him to sit by the bed and guard against monsters in the night.
Little land turtle   2.25 x 1.0
I love this little guy, you can make his neck and legs, as long or short as you like. I modeled him after I turtle I found walking in the woods as a kid, I was so facinated that he was a long legged box turtle. I spent some time getting him forest flowers to munch on and then eventually he stolled off into the woods someplace for a snooze I suppose.  I always looked for him but never saw him again.
working on more to come.

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Froggy 1.0     10" nose to toes  x 2"
So, Aria was carrying around an outside concrete toad I have in the backyard. Insistitng that she bring it into the house, I of course allowed. She was carrying it around and reaches out to give it to me one handed, and boom onto the floor millimeters from my foot!  Oh, that would have left a mark!
So froggy was born! I'm gonna call him 1.0 because as I was making him I had other ideas as how to do him differantly. 

Free: click pic to Download.
first 25 then he's a buck