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Getting Started....
Whether or not you have  a  plotter cutter or Rhinestone Software this page will walk you through the process of purchasing products for creating Rhinestone Designs.

1.  Reference Material.

Determinig size of stone and appox quantity for the design will help you order the correct amount needed to complete your order.

2.  Create your Rhinestone Design.
Using Design Era with HOTFIX Stone Suite will allow you to create Rhinestone Designs quickly and efficiently.  You will also have the capability of utilizing the Stitch ERA Universal embroidery software to combine embroidery and Rhinestone designs.

Additional drivers may be required to perform cutting.

This amazing system is a stone (rhinestone, rhinestud, nailhead) specific software for the design creation, with output to different laser and vinyl cutters in order to produce design stencils or templates. Starting from any artwork captured by scanner, from third parties applications or from artwork files; this program is the fastest tool to convert those images into stone designs. It includes several input methods and fill styles, and it also offers a complete lettering system. While your work is in process, an incredible design simulation displays a realistic sample of your designs. Digitizing takes only a few minutes and result is amazing! When the design is ready, it is only necessary to export it to the corresponding file format or output device.

To Learn more about this amazing product please visit the following link:

   Design Era - Rhinestone
Rhinestone Sample Card:                           $ 9.99
Hot Fix Stone Core Purchase:    $250.00
Machine Drivers available at additional cost.
3.  Select your Machine Blade.
Check with your machine manufacturer to identify the correct blade angle needed to cut stencil material.

Roland GX-24 :  60 degree.
I-Online 301:      35 or 45 degree.

Machine Setup instructions:
pdf files to come.

4.  Select Stencil Material.
Each material has its own characteristics, and may require additional products to complete the design process.

We here at Lori Lee Designs have a cost effective alternative to StickyFlockTM

Executes a nice clean stencil  with almost no hole cleanup.

Comes with complete instructions.

5.  Cutting and Preparing your Stencil for Stones.
Simply send your design from the software to either the machine directly or export to file format that your machine software reads.
It's Not Sticky Flock:  18" x 24"     $18.00  

6. Use Lifiting Tape.
7. Add Stones to stencil.
  • Place lifiting tape on top of stencil,
        Slowly peel back stencil to remove backing.

Lifting Tape:
9.  Affix Stones to Garment / Finish
Adhere stones to garment with heat press.
Let cool and peel HotFix tape off stones.
Your garment is complete.

Rhinestone Colors & Sizes:
Application Tools:
8. Apply Hot Fix Tape.
Hot Fix Tape
Pour stones atop stencil.
Using a stencil brush place stones.
Hot Fix tape is heat resistant and is used to transfer stencil pattern to garment.
Backing is used to seal and store designs.