Experience a very powerful embroidery design software product, including a huge set of features for: Stitch Editing, Lettering, Auto-Digitizing, Manual Digitizing and Interactive Digitizing (over both raster and vector graphics).

Re-use and customize your existing designs as well as create new embroidery designs from scratch. These software suites have the most modern user interface making your job faster, easier and very comfortable to use within its intuitive interface.

Small business or home hobbyist ? With a serial connection subscription, your investment is minimal  and then you decide for yourselff the level that meets your needs and the time frame you want to commit. Subscriptions are never automatically renewed.  Confidence in our products allow us to do what the competitors won't.

www.lorileedesigns.com - cleveland, ohio - 440-669-9073
Stitch Era Univeral Embroidery Digitizing Software
Subscription based access for Embroidery design
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  • You request your Demo link, (could take several hours).
  • check your email and junk folder for a message from Sierra.
  • Follow the link and instructions to start your demo period.
  • You have 7 days! DO NOT start your trial if you don't have time to play with it!!!  
  • If you have ANY Questions about the software while in Demo mode please feel free to email me first, text me second, last resort call me.
                           - My phone and email are on the CONTACT PAGE
  • If you like the program and want to continue after your Demo period.  You can purchase a serial to continue.
          ========== IMPORTANT INFO ==============
  • I am not going to hunt or are bug you to join.
  • I am not going to sell your information to ANYONE, ( I hate that)
  • This is a true free demo, afterwards if you don't like it just uninstall and go on your merry way.
  • No, the software isn't going to mess up your computer, there are no viruses attached to the program, Sierra is a very reputable company if they weren't they wouldn't be in business over 30 years..
  • I love this program and the pricing is un-heard of in this industry

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www.lorileedesigns.com - cleveland, ohio - 440-669-9073
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Stitch Era
www.lorileedesigns.com - cleveland, ohio - 440-669-9073
www.lorileedesigns.com - cleveland, ohio - 440-669-9073
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