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Stitch Era Universal training and techincal support is just an
internet connection away.

With real time connection to you and your computer
we can quickly help you:

  • Set up your program defaults.
  • Get you started with the Yahoo group.
  • Show you in real time how a function operates.
  • Online lessons.
  • Software overview, and much, much, more...
  • Custom Lesson planning.
  • Free Videos

  • Workbooks

  • Purchase Software CD
Purchase Coaching / I-Train Time
Other Helpful Information
We want you to have the best experience using
Stitch Era Universal.  If you have and questions or concerns  make sure that you join the Yahoo support group. where you can post your questions and get peer support.

You may also use Sierra's Embroidery ABC  to explore additional free and paid for information on troubleshooting and learning options.

If you need further assistance or prefer direct contact  please send me a message or call.
email me